RAG INNOVATION Services – for paving the road to successful futures and value creation

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
– Albert Einstein

Our innovation services aim at creating game-changers and new market opportunities. May trust, energy, visualization, RAG’s diverse expertise and out-of-the-rocket thinking be with you!

  • Lightning and Instant Innovation Demand LIID – Paint your needs/challenges and enrich your opportunities through powerful 3 hours face-to-face dialogue with us. After it, we’ll make an impact proposition you can’t refuse.
    Free of charge, so book your time now!
  • RAG Discovery – Find the most promising future opportunities and pick the first concrete fruits from them. You can engage with us alone or together with selected non-rival companies. Radicality is adjustable: if you want sci-fi, then you shall get some.
  • RAG Disruptive Innovations – Co-design and pilot game-changing innovation initiatives together with companies from different industries. You have also an opportunity to experience the power of nature. Focus of pilots is on customer loyalty.
  • RAG Responsibility – Utilize the current sustainability requirements (GRI G4) to improve your strategy. Design and experiment concrete sustainable initiatives promoting strong customer/end-user focus and other stakeholders’ needs.
  • RAG Innovation Camps – Solve wicked societal and business challenges, conduct rapid policy prototyping and generate systemic change. At the same time, the emphasis is on co-creation of the next generation services and true impact.
  • RAG Implementation – Tailored service for improving systemically time-to-value period. From implementing ideas to coaching product development processes. We don’t want to leave you alone with huge amount of ideas and new concepts.
  • Tailored Innovation Services – We also offer tailored services.

To hear more about opportunities we offer, please contact Mika Pirttivaara tel. +358 50 433 5803, email: