Circular Economy

Circular economy represents a development strategy that entails economic growth without increasing consumption of resources, deeply transform production chains and consumption habits and redesign industrial systems at the system level.

In 2014 the European Commission adopted Towards a Circular Economy: a zero waste programme for Europe. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation published their first report, Towards a Circular Economy in 2012, and the diagram they published is most cited to describe the circular economy. It builds on concepts like Industrial Ecology (1989), Biomimicry (1997) and Cradle to Cradle (2002), which emphasizes the need using renewable energy, eliminating the concept of waste, and closing loops of biological and technical nutrients.

RAG has in-house experts which can help your organization explore, discover and adopt circular economy principles and practices. We can organize information gathering sessions and facilitate co-creation workshops with other companies, and provide financial services in order to get in the business of the circular economy.

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