RAG ECOSYSTEM services – strengthening the base for long-term growth and renewal

Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.
– Albert Einstein

Even if your ship has the best crew and hull, it is very difficult to sail over stormy waters without a proper engine. Our platform services combine physical, virtual and social dimensions for increasing your agility, renewal capabilities and long-term growth. Here are some examples what we can engage with you

  • Intrapreneurship platforms – Need to build new and ambitious business based on the break-through ideas of your employees? Intrapreneurship platforms operate within the organizational environment and transform ideas into profitable ventures with strong entrepreneurial values and attitude.
  • Change platforms – Change programmes are perhaps not enough. Change platforms accelerate and deepen desired transformation and fertilize the ground for cultural change and continuous improvement.
  • Business Labs and Living Labs – We all know that increasing customer loyalty, improving service experience and producing high quality products are among the #1 things in successful business. Business and living labs are real life environments where new services/products are co-created together with real customers.
  • Cluster integration – Do you have a cluster of organisations or want to establish a new one? Integration means orchestrating and participatory aligning of clusters with co-created agendas, opportunities and values. Also sophisticated social and value co-creation processes should be implemented.
  • Circular Economy – Transition to a Circular Economy – Everybody is talking about the circular economy, but what is it exactly? How can your business benefit from it? RAG helps your organization find opportunities in the future circular economy ecosystem and build partnerships across industries. Read more..
  • Innovation ecosystems – ask more!

For more information please contact Taina Tukiainen, tel. +358 40 555 2482 or CEO Mika Pirttivaara, tel.+358 50 433 5803, email