RAG Blog: European Robotics Forum 2017 in Edinburgh focuses on IoT+AI and Robotics – Europe is a global leader in service robotics!

I attended ERF2017 in Edinburgh last week 22.-24.3.2017. My interest is applying robotics for healthy aging and assisted autonomous living, so I followed tracks on Artificial Intelligence (AICoR), Health, Social Impact, Ethical Legal and Societal. I did not follow Industrial, Agri-Food, Harsh Environments, Space, Underwater, Maintenance and Inspection, Logistics, Construction, Neurobotics, Miniaturized, System Engineering, Innovation, […]

RAG BLOG: What is the state of the Swedish innovation ecosystem for eHealth?

It was inspiring two days 24-25 January at MVTe in Kista Sweden – Meeting place for welfare technology and e-health – trade show and conference. I met many exhibitors and listened to selected talks targeted at the exhibition visitors. The exhibit presented caregivers, carereceivers, innovators and solution providers working at the Swedish and the Nordic […]

RAG BLOG: Innovation for healthy aging

Developed nations are facing common challenges related to aging population. The effort required to provide care services to an increasing ratio of people is becoming unbearable when following traditional service models – something new needs to be invented! Human labor in developed nations is costly, so could robotics help saving costs by letting machines take […]

The Beginning

Once upon a Time in 2014… …24 of us came together with different backgrounds: business developers, serial entrepreneurs, designers, artists, members of the parliament, innovation specialists and researchers. We had all sat in committees with visionary goals and full of talk – and seen little change. Somehow there had always seemed to be a missing […]