Our Service Experience is our Team

Every company has their own needs and problems. RAG´s goal is to combine the right people with every challenge and RAG – as a company value – is always ready for a challenge! We have 40 top experts at your service from different fields such as business development, service design, management, science, arts and innovation. Always in right combination.

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RAG Finland


Mika Pirttivaara

My heart is beating with full power when I’m creating new together with customers, users and communities.

Business and societal innovation are hard tasks which combine creativity and hands-on work with strong commitment. My mission is to make your being in the world easier through innovation. How about revealing your full potential for creating customer value and increasing productivity?

RAG Lapland


Inka Kangasniemi

I am a conceptual and service designer from Inari, based in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. I have my roots in the ancient Sámi culture but I am inspired by modern design thinking. I have fused them into what I call Arctic Design Thinking.

My special strength is the recognition of cultural meanings in service development and socially sustainable innovation.

Rapid Action Group

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