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Every company has their own needs and problems. RAG´s goal is to combine the right people with every challenge and RAG – as a company value – is always ready for a challenge! Welcome to our Candyshop of experts.


Helsinki RAGsters

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Mika Pirttivaara

My heart is beating with full power when I’m creating new together with customers, users, communities and other RAGsters. Of course, hopefully with you too. 

I have long experience in innovation, co-design and ecosystems development. I have helped companies from start-ups to multinational corporations as well as public sector from cities to countries. Curiosity drives me to explore new territories of businesses and the society. That’s why I’m quite good at understanding the sustainable framework of technological, business, societal and human contexts. These skills help a lot in innovation work. They also save time and resources.

Innovation is a hard task that combines creativity and hands-on work with strong commitment. My mission is to make your being in the world easier through innovation. How about revealing your full potential for productivity and innovation?

Jyväskylä RAGsters

Minna Liminka

I am a coach of good working life. I help clients realize the full potential of working life and the way it can be developed in their companies in a way that fits their organizational culture, ranging anywhere from values, interaction, self-management and self-organization. Organizational culture is my passion.

My background is in IT, where I worked for over 20 years in human resources and communications. I take people into the fore-view of my considerations, striving to always create a warm atmosphere. I strongly believe that happy employees are productive employees.

Touko Aalto

I am a former member of the Parliament of Finland and chairperson of the Greens of Finland. Currently I am city councilor of Jyväskylä and member of the city government. I focus on social- and health care services as well as financial politics. My personal and professional key word is: incentive alignment.

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