Our Service Experience is our Team

Every company has their own needs and problems. RAG´s goal is to combine the right people with every challenge and RAG – as a company value – is always ready for a challenge! Welcome to our Candyshop of experts.

Jyväskylä RAGsters

Minna Liminka

I am a coach of good working life. I help clients realize the full potential of working life and the way it can be developed in their companies in a way that fits their organizational culture, ranging anywhere from values, interaction, self-management and self-organization. Organizational culture is my passion.

My background is in IT, where I worked for over 20 years in human resources and communications. I take people into the fore-view of my considerations, striving to always create a warm atmosphere. I strongly believe that happy employees are productive employees.

Touko Aalto

I am a former member of the Parliament of Finland and chairperson of the Greens of Finland. Currently I am city councilor of Jyväskylä and member of the city government. I focus on social- and health care services as well as financial politics. My personal and professional key word is: incentive alignment.

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