About RAG

Our purpose is to make your being in the world easier

The rapidly changing and globally connected world is a complex and uncertain place to be. However, mesmerizing complexity means also opportunities – undiscovered ones too. Fantastic!

But wait, break through ideas are not enough, we have to implement them in new ways. We have to break silos, embrace out-of-the-rocket thinking and be more open than never before. However, there are seldom quick wins in game-changing innovation. Also creating basis for sustainable growth takes some time.

We have good news for you! We know that the complex and uncertain world doesn’t necessary mean it is complicated. You can really speed up your value creation and gain competitive advantage.

That’s why we are eager to help you to make radical impact on your business and the society, and change both of them for the better.

We are bound together by a desire to make a difference

Rapid Action Group was founded in 2014 by 24 founding partners who want to make a difference. We represent different backgrounds: business executives, serial entrepreneurs, designers, artists, policy makers, financing experts, innovators and researchers.

We have all been sitting in committees with visionary goals and participated in events with full of hype – and seen little change. Feels like there always seems to be a missing link. What if there was less talk, less reports and more deeds? And not someday next year but now.

Whenever impact matters, RAG is your development partner

Rapid Action Group is the next generation societal enterprise. We have together hundreds of years practical experience in making meaningful impact on research, innovation, businesses and the society.

At the moment we are 30 and our group is growing fast.

Act now and contact us:
contactus (at) rag.fi