RAG was founded by a diverse group of 24 innovative individuals, experts in their own prospective fields whether that is photography, arts, media, technology or rocket science.

Our services make complex simple, we offer to bring out the knowledge already in you in tangible ways with real impact. You will also deepen your holistic understanding of the challenges at hand and co-created results.

Creativity happens when known meets unknown and our inner child is allowed to be inspired, that´s RAG´s job. People are our companies´ biggest asset.

RAG Manifesto

Our purpose is to make your being in the world easier.

Our task is to reveal your full potential.

Our ultimate goal is sustainable, inclusive growth and transformation.

We believe in actionable co-creation and open-mind innovation.

We know that trust, respect and joy fuel courage, passion, and freedom to succeed.

The sky is not the limit.

Rapid Action Group

The Four Words you can Trust